Marine Unit Update - Fundraising Campaign Continues


Members of the Red Bank Fire Department Marine Unit continue to make progress on preparing for the launch of the refurbished SeaArk boat. Putting in countless hours of work, we are proud to share a few photos. A fundraising campaign continues at 

Your support is welcome and needed. Your contributions have no administrative overhead and 100% of your contributions will go toward launching the new marine unit boat. 

Recently, the Red Bank Fire Department took possession of a "new to us," twenty-six foot SeaArk fireboat from the New Jersey State Forestry Department. The vessel needs some work, but it's something that when complete, will make a huge improvement to our ability to serve those who enjoy our local waterways.

Now that the SeaArk is in our possession, the work to return it to being seaworthy is in our Volunteer Member's hands, and we NEED YOUR GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT!

We are actively seeking donations to have this vessel:

● Repowered

● New motor

● New controls

● New electrical system

● New fire pump

● General repairs

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Every cent will go towards 

improving our equipment and allowing us to better serve our community and beyond.


The Members of the Red Bank Fire Department thank you for your support.

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